Should you match your fingernail polish to that of your feet?

Should we put the same color of varnish on feet and hands or mismatch? You can absolutely put the same hairspray on your hands and feet without making a major faux pas, but it’s still a bit classic. By mismatching the colors, you have the possibility of combining certain shades, to create a very trendy effect.

Nail polish: what color combinations to achieve?

If you choose not to match your nail polish on your hands to that on your feet, you have two options. The first is the one that the specialist calls the “camaïeu” technique, that is to say that you have to “stay in a fairly close range of colors”.

The other possibility is to decide completely by radically changing the color palette on the hands and feet. For example, it can be worn with black for a “very marked contrast”, or with cooler colors such as pink or orange, ideal for summer.

Nail polish: how to apply it well on the hands and feet?

Putting varnish on the toenails is done, ideally, only after having taken care to push back the cuticles and file your nails. This will allow the varnish to last longer, and the result to be perfect. To prevent your nails from being too close together, you can use a foam toe spacer. Apply a thin base coat, then two coats of colored varnish, and finally a coat of top coat.

As for the manicure, it is a question of reproducing somewhat the ritual carried out on the nails of the feet. Indeed, a beautiful application of varnish holds much better on clean and healthy nails. Once the nails are ready, you can move on to applying the base: its role is to allow the varnish to last longer, but also to prevent the nail from yellowing. After two thin coats of colored lacquer, a top coat is essential.

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