The gestures to be banned in order to have beautiful nails

Having beautiful nails all the time is everyone’s dream. As we already know, you should always take good care of your fingernails and toenails with the professional manicure and pedicure kits. But there are gestures and habits to banish to always have beautiful nails, please follow the advice in our article.

Actions and habits to ban to have beautiful nails

  • Bite one’s nails

Biting your nails isn’t exactly a fancy habit … plus the undersides of your nails get filled with bacteria. So put on some bitter-tasting clear varnish if you can’t control yourself.

  • Using too many metal instruments or sticks

In your skincare routine, do not overdo the use of metal instruments or sticks, as this can cause onycholysis on a roller coaster or transverse.

  • Cut his cuticles

Cuticles are the small skin at the base of the nail. But during your skincare routine, push them back with a wooden stick, instead of cutting them. If you cut them, they grow back three times as thick, not to mention the bacteria and infections that can invade the nail.

  • Remove your polish with your nails

Each time you remove a piece of varnish on your nails, you will at the same time remove thin layers of your nail bed. Your nails will become dry to the touch, and the nail used for “scratching” will be damaged.

  • Using the nail file incorrectly

Always use the nail files in one direction: first from the left edge to the center, then from the right edge to the center. In fact, if you file them with a back and forth motion, the nails can split.

  • Apply acrylic false nails

Acrylic false nails won’t let your natural nails breathe, and will dry them out.

  • Do not wear gloves

Always wear gloves when doing dishes, gardening or doing crafts. It is good protection for your nails.

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