Manicure: the secrets to beautiful nails

Do you know that people notice the condition of your nails? Also today, having beautiful nails is a criterion of beauty and reflects the image you want or not to convey of yourself. Here are the professional secrets to having beautiful nails.

Secret 1: how to do a quick manicure at home?

For those who don’t have the time or the budget to have their nails pampered by a nail technician every week, you can do a manicure yourself by following our tips.

  • The ideal nail length: it is best to have nails that are neither too long nor too short, and all nails be the same length.
  • The shape of the nails: it is recommended to have ends not quite rounded, not square either but in between. This shape gives a neat, natural look and allows easy maintenance.
  • Before applying polish, run a cotton ball with nail polish remover to remove grease and soap scum that could prevent the polish from sticking.
  • Hold the brush well: Professionals hold the brush between their thumb and middle finger and place their index finger on the stopper. This position of the fingers makes it possible to handle the brush well and to varnish the nails well.
  • For best results, apply thin coats. Apply a thin layer in the center, then one on the left and one on the right. Once the first coat is dry repeat the operation, then do the same with a thin coat of finishing varnish.
  • When finished, use a wooden manicure stick to remove the burrs on the side.
  • If you need to get out before the polish coats are dry, apply some manicure oil on top of the polish. This will prevent dirt from sticking to your nails.
  • The hand spa at home. If you have the time, do a hand spa with a damp towel that you spend 2 minutes in the microwave. Wrap your hands in the towel for about 10 minutes.

Secret 2: how to have beautiful feet with a pedicure?

Here are some ideas for keeping your feet looking clean.

  • Often peel your feet with a pumice stone. Then apply foot lotion or cream and wear socks to sleep.
  • For very dry feet, try using a baby butt cream. In the evening, before going to bed, apply this cream liberally to the feet, then put them in a plastic bag and wear socks to go to bed. Spend the night like this and you will wake up with feet as soft as baby’s bottom.
  • Do not cut the toenails too much, which should protrude slightly from your toes.
  • Some professionals recommend doing toe nail art with the professional pedicure spa kit.
Pumice Stone for Feet Hard Skin Callus Remover and Scrubber

These are all our secrets to having beautiful nails whether you do your manicure yourself or call in a professional.

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