5 super effective tips to make your manicure last longer

An impeccable color and a nickel shine for several days and without retouching is now possible thanks to ultra-efficient formulas and clever gestures. Our advice for an extra long-lasting manicure.

1. Thoroughly clean your nails

Work on a cleansed nail then cleaned with 90° alcohol to remove all traces of grease. Then apply a product that rebalances its pH, in order to boost the hold of the varnish.

2. Apply a base

Apply a base that will not only protect the nail from pigments but will also allow better adhesion of the varnish.

3. Use a top coat

To give the varnish an unbeatable hold, incorporating a small proportion of acrylic molecules into the formula, the same as those contained in the gels of the pros. Result: a varnish that clings better to the nail, and a texture that becomes less sensitive to shocks. Be careful however, it is imperative to use the trio of base, varnish and top coat from the same range so that the products act in synergy.

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4. Renew the application of the top coat

Spread a drop on each nail, and don’t hesitate to reapply a layer every two or three days, to reinforce the shield effect.

5. Adopt the right application gesture

Apply each of the products also on the edge of the nail, in order to avoid flaking. Never apply polish before or after a bath. Finally, the drying of the formula must be gradual. If you want to go fast and you use drying drops, the hold may be less good.

In addition to these mentioned above, you will need to take regular care for your nails using professional manicure set. If you don’t have any manicure supplies, check out our Maryton website, where there are all kinds of nail beauty products.

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