Manicure: the colors you will love in winter

Khaki, dark blue, old rose… Discover the nail polish colors you will love in winter. Which will you adopt?

The trendy colors

The choice of the color of the varnish can be made according to several criteria. First, it is important to follow your desires, even if they are not in tune with the tones of the season. Then, take into account your clothing looks.

In autumn and winter, cold colors such as duck blue or dark purple are popular, but brick red, burgundy and old pink or pale pink are also hot. And lilac is also popular and invites itself both in your wardrobe and in your beauty bag. Plus, winter is the time when you can embrace glitter to give your manicure a festive look.

How to properly prepare your nails?

Start by cutting them into the desired shape. It is often advisable to respect its natural shape: if it is square, round it slightly, if it is round, you can give it a slightly more angular shape. Then, file them so that they are smooth. Then push back your cuticles with a wooden stick and massage them for a good 5 minutes with a balm or oil. Rinse everything.

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How to properly apply the varnish?

First step: the base. It plays an essential role, because it protects the nail, while making the lacquer hang well. Once completely dry, apply a thin layer of the varnish of your choice. Wait a few minutes until it is completely dry, then spread a second coat. Then comes the step of the top coat which aims to protect the varnish and make it shine.

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