How to Take Care of Your Nails?

Hands are important for beauties, a pair of beautiful hands can directly affect a person’s temperament. And whether the hand looks beautiful or not, most of it depends on the nails. Let’s learn some tips for nail care!

1. Trim Your Nails Regularly — Use professional manicure and pedicure set to cut it for short or wear it with nail buffer.

2. Clean Up Dead Skin of Your Hands — First, soak your fingers in warm water (You can put a few slices of fresh lemon in the water to soak the dirt in the nail crevices and soften the cuticle). Second, Dry your hands. Use the orange stick to gently push the soft skin, then use the nail scissors or nail edge cutter to remove the excess soft dander around the nails, and finally use the nail brush to clean up the nails. Finally, dip your fingers in water and clean them off.

3. Use Hands Lotion – After drying your hands, take an appropriate amount of moisturizing cream and massage your hands for 2 minutes until absorbed. Then wipe off the excess oil with alcohol soaked cotton.

If you have uneven nail surface, use a nail buffer to shape it. Then you can use nail polish to make your nails shiny.

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